Great news!

Child Dynamix has now achieved the ABC Awards Quality Licensing Scheme. The ABC Quality Licence Scheme recognises the commitment of Child Dynamix to the development and delivery of high-quality courses and for learners to receive an ABC Awards endorsed certificate of achievement on completion of their course.

This has enabled the Parent Peer Mentor Project to offer theTwo Day Mentors training as a recognised course under this scheme. Volunteers, undertake training in the following mandatory units. 

  1. Introduction, working together, Hope and Challenges.                                    
  2. Who is a Mentor and What is Mentoring?                                                         
  3. The Mentoring Relationship. 
  4. Boundaries, Self-disclosure, GDPR and Safeguarding.        
  5. Lone working, Risk Assessment and Challenging Situations.                                        
  6. Assumptions, Equality, and Diversity. 
  7. Communication Skills. 
  8. Have a go - Case studies.

The first cohort of Volunteer Mentors to receive their ABC Awards Quality Licensing Scheme Certificates. 

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Parent Peer Mentor, then please contact Liz or Sophie on 01482 799070