Do you struggle to include vegetables in yours and your child’s diet? Little Stars Children's Centre is supporting the ‘Hull Veg City’ campaign ‘Veg Power: Eat Them To Defeat Them’ 

It always helps to try new things and if you’re trying them, it will support your child to try them! Introducing new vegetables into your families diet will help provide the whole family with the nutrients you need for a healthier lifestyle 

Will you and your family be able to defeat (and eat) all the veg over the next 6 weeks. We know it can be difficult getting children to try new foods (especially vegetables!) to help make it easier has created a reward chart and some other resources for your child to mark off the different veg each week

Week 1 - Carrots

Carrots are great as finger foods for children but there are also many ways to include carrots in different meals. They are easy to cook, you can either boil them or roast them and turn them into a healthy side to your meals. Carrots are high in vitamins and minerals that are important in a healthy diet. Stuck for recipe idea here is one below

Week 2 -  Peas

Peas are a great source of vitamin K which is a vitamin that helps the growth and strength of bones! Peas are also a good source of vitamin C that supports your immune system! It is really easy to include peas into your diet, below are some recipes for you to try out!

Week 3 - Sweetcorn

Sweetcorn is rich in nutrients and contains very little sugar. Sweetcorn is also high in fibre which is important as many of us do not consume enough fibre rich foods. Below are some links to easy recipes that include sweetcorn for you and your child/children!

Week 4  - Broccolli

This can have a powerful taste to children and therefore may take more than one try to make your child eat this one! Broccoli contains lots of vitamins, minerals and fibre which makes it a great addition to mealtimes and your diet! 

You can find some really easy recipes on the link

Week 5  - Tomatoes

Tomatoes are super healthy, they are good for your skin, help you maintain strong bones, they are good for your heart, kidneys and your eyes too! So many health benefits, why wouldn’t you want to try them! It is SUPER easy to use tomatoes in recipes, and there are lots of options, below are some recipe ideas to help kick start your love of tomatoes!

Week 6 - Peppers

Peppers can vary in taste depending on the colour of them! The yellow bell peppers are not as bitter as the green but not as sweet as the red pepper, this could make the yellow pepper the best pepper to use in your diet (unless you want a more bitter/sweet taste!). Bell peppers are a good source of vitamins A and C and also fibre! There are all different types of peppers for you and your family to explore, here is a delicious pepper recipe!